Fundraiser for replacement Defibrillator Battery

We are fortunate to have a Defibrillator available in case of need. Whilst we hope we never have to use it, we need to maintain it in good order. The battery is due for replacement in April this year.

To raise funds, one of our Senior players, Adam Potter has ‘volunteered’ to have ‘Minor Hair Removal’ from his chest. Those of you who attended the VP lunch on the 12th February will have seen why this process may be required.

Eileen Childs, one of our VP’s and a professional beautician has kindly offered to give Adam a Full Chest Wax!

As an opener for our forthcoming VP lunch on Saturday 26th March, Adam and Eileen will be carrying out this procedure!

We have set up a Justgiving page to collect donations – Please give generously and support Eileen and Adam in their efforts for the benefit of the Club.