Medics 0 Swaffham 59(?)

Match abandoned after 61 minutes – too one-sided!

Swaffham won this game at a stroll by 10 or 11 tries to nil. The hosts were short of players so Swaffham lent them 3 to make it a 14-a-side competition, but in reality they could have had a few more and not altered the result. The first try came on 8 minutes and the bonus point was secured within 25 minutes after some excellent handling and support play. When Davidson was yellow carded for an indiscretion in the 22, it only spurred Swaffham to try harder and they were dominant enough to score twice while he rested on the touchline. Only one successful conversion in six, due to the strong wind, meant the half ended with Swaffham leading by just 32-0 but having had to made few defending tackles.

Even the coach had to run to keep up with play!

The second half began in similar fashion, and as the home side began to falter, injuries became more regular and the game became disjointed. Swaffham ran in another four (or was it five?) tries before the referee consulted the skippers and the decision to end the game was made. The official score of 59-0 to Swaffham is uncertain, as with no penalties, it’s an impossible number to achieve from 10 tries. So maybe it was 61-0 or something, but either way it was an entertaining hour in the sunshine.

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