Fantasy League – Round 4

A week of high scoring as everyone is beginning to learn how to play the game when there are points at stake! There are some very strange choices of Captain, which I ‘m sure wouldn’t happen in real life!
So how many teams have ever been led by a winger? If you look at the Captains of the 16 teams in all of the finals of the Rugby World Cup, only one Captain has worn a number higher than 9 (Will Carling in 1991 wore number 12). But in this game, if he’s a try scoring winger and will get double points……!
With all the high scoring this week, the previous best score for a round was smashed by Guy Po, amassing a massive 964 points and beating the record by over 80 points. This has pushed him back up the table and in with a chance of some cash. Total points scored by all 32 players in this round exceeded last weeks return by over 3500 – an average improvement of over 100 points per player.

Next week is the last week for the Fantasy league, and it looks like it’s just the top seven teams that are realistically fighting for a share of the spoils. However, it’s interesting to see how Sweet Caroline Kerrison and Odd Shaped Balls have moved steadily into the top ten. The family battle between the Splodgers looks over, with The Better having opened up a 250 point gap to move 6 places ahead. Rivierabrian (the Wall) and A La Retraite are caught up in a mid-table battle where the difference from 10th to 17th is a mere 65 points. This is the average scored by Stuart Hogg so far in three games.

This weeks winners and losers were Kerrison – up another 8 places, along with Sweet Caroline and Guy Po who moved up five, but by far the biggest loser was Cluckie, who dropped 9 places, out of the top ten and down to 17th. It’s a long way back.
With three potential home wins next week, who’s going to gamble and pick a team with their head and not their heart? A few “left field” choices could bring big rewards and push you up the table – or crashing to the bottom! Just five points separate the top two, so my bet is that neither of them will take any risks.

In the real world however, I suppose we should congratulate the Welsh for winning the Triple Crown and potentially the Six Nations, but that scenario could yet have a sting in the tail when the French finally get to play their postponed fixture. In the meantime – Good Luck next week, and we shall all look forward to seeing you at the real fantasy rugby at North Pickenham Road.