Allez Les Bleus! Fantasy League Round 5

Two weeks as top points scorer and a strong performance overall sees Barney Smith as the winner of this year’s Magnificent Men Fantasy League. It’s been up and down between the top 4, with each player vying for position at the head of the group. Coming in at 5th with a steady move up the table was Splodger who ended the first round at 21st and in Round 3 made a big move to join the top ten.

All of the top five have made regular appearances in all section of the Hall of Fame, showing that it’s consistency that wins leagues, rather than occasional star performances – something Victor is aware of, having had the best round of the competition but ending a lowly 13th and 500 points behind the leader.

Mozza and Garreth Mills deserve a mention for their efforts, with Mozza scoring an average of 188 points per round with the Skipper, and Garreths defensive choices racking up over 650 tackles in 5 rounds. At an average of more than 120 per round, that’s probably more than Swaffham manage in a season!

Returning to the skippers choice, most people went for a Welsh winger in the final round, but who was expecting Italy to win? Anyone with any bottle would have gone with Montanna “Monty” Ioane, who would have given you well over 200 points in the last round!

At the end of the day it’s all a bit of fun and proves nothing about your ability to coach a national team – however, if there are any vacant positions at England or Wales, I will be writing and giving them the names Barney Smith, Wing and Potter! Congratulations to all, and look forward to joining you again next year.