11th Annual Fireworks

Another successful evening – Here are some words from the organiser…

Good Morning Everyone – Thank you all for ensuring a very successful Fireworks display last night. 

Apologies if I have missed anyone and I know it’s only a snapshot, as a lot of things happened behind the scenes and without the help of everyone the event wouldn’t have happened or been so successful. 

Gate, BBQ & Outside Bar took £4973, estimated 1200-1400 people attended 

Overall c2.5k Generated for the Club  

Big “Thankyou” to …………

Jim for putting up with me for a week, ensuring all 5000 Flyers were posted through the doors, Security Fencing and brought anything I had forgotten. 

Eric for ensuring the Lighting, Posters, Flyers, Stationery, BBQ, Drinks and Food were well managed.

Ed Benton for cooking the Burgers at the BBQ with assistance from Sophie & Paul, Sam & Mike, Tom Flowers which enormously helped.

Senior Players, including Lemon, Rob Smith, Ruth and Ed, helping with the drinks which took pressure away from the Bar.   

Marie & Ali (and posting Flyers) for ensuring we had everything we needed and running the bar, ably assisted by Gadders and Tammy

Eliza, Daisy and Belle taking the cash and The Men Shedders for the Security.

Andy Dale for ensuring the cash was safe.

Brian for all his help and support and making sure I was on track!

Peter Harris – Delivering Flyers and helping with litter picking this morning.

Jonny Warner & Poppy for Promoting the Minis and the Club.

Well done and thank you all, plus I understood the U16s won their match against North Walsham, and the Seniors won away at Crusaders despite limited numbers.