Autumn International Tickets

As the current season draws to a close it’s time to start thinking about cold, damp November afternoons at Twickenham.

This autumn England will play the following teams

  • Argentina – Sunday 6th November, kick off 14:15
  • Japan – Saturday 12th November, kick off 15:15
  • New Zealand – Saturday 19th November, kick off 17:30
  • South Africa – Saturday 26th November, kick off 17:30

Prices for tickets are as follows

 PremiumCat 1Cat 2Cat 3Cat 4Junior
New Zealand£174£158£132£111£91£28*
South Africa£127£122£106£91£70£28

* Junior tickets are not available in Premium or Cat 1 areas for the New Zealand game

Tickets are available to paid up club members

If you are interested in tickets please let Woody know before 5pm Monday 2nd May by email to  Currently there is no restriction on the number of tickets for the Japan and Argentina games.

If demand exceeds our allocation for the New Zealand and South Africa games there will be a ballot for pairs of tickets